QUICKSURVIVE Emergency Magnesium Flint Striker - Fire Starter Ferro Rod

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With QuickSurvive's Magnesium Flint Striker Tool never be caught in the cold or without a fire. This high-quality all-weather fire starter is windproof & weather resistant. This ultra-durable flint fire starter works in any weather conditions - rain snow high-altitude. The rust-free ultra-strong Ferro rod these flint strikers are suitable for camping survival bushcraft and other outdoor activities. The QuickSurvive Flint Striker is a compact pocketable flint-based fire starter that is ideal for ultralight backpacking camping hunting and more.


COMPACT MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER – The QUICKSURVIVE flint permanent match striker tool is much more reliable than matches or a lighter. Produces powerful sparks in any type of weather. Only 4 inches long and weighs 2 ounces.

10 000 STRIKES – Never worry about running out of matches or lighter fluid when you have the portable emergency fire starter. You can get more than 10 000 strikes lasting for years. The perfect survival tool to have on you at all times.

SPARKS AT 5 000 DEGREES – The strong military-grade magnesium rod creates a large burst of high heat sparks at over 5 000 Degrees Fahrenheit. Light a fire with ease no matter the situation you are in.

WEATHERPROOF AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Spark a flame and light a fire for your campsite or in case of emergencies. The magnesium flint will work in the rain snow sleet or any other inclement weather. The lightweight design allows you to easily carry anywhere.

INCLUDES ROPE LANYARD – This 4-inch long flint striker includes a lanyard rope to attach to your pants for easy access. Keychain flint fire starter that is survivalist approved.


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